Lets look at the compressor

The other day we had a good conversation about Heat Pumps.  The response to the blog post was good.  Several people engaged in the conversation and several dozen decided to “Like” the post on Facebook.  That blog post showed a picture of the “Head” portion of the Heat Pump.  The Head is the Inside Portion of a Heat Pump.  

Today’s photograph shows you The Outside portion of the Heat Pump.  This picture is of The Compressor.  It is inside the compressor that gasses are compressed in volume which raises their temperature compared to the outdoor ambient air temperature.  It is that ambient heat that’s transferred to the gasses.

Remember, Heat Pumps do not make heat they simply move heat from one place to another.  During the winter they move the heat indoors to keep us warm. 

During the summer the Heat Pump moves the heat from inside and takes it outside and brings cool air inside. 

Those two processes are identical except the heating part goes this way with the heat and the cooling part takes the heat in the opposite direction.

On the other side of The Fan in today’s photograph is The Evaporator which looks very similar to the radiator in your car.  During the winter, or when this picture was taken yesterday, the air flow was being blown away from the house towards the cameraman, that would be me.  The temperature yesterday afternoon was in the mid 20’s but the air being blown away from the Heat Pump was considerably colder.  It was picking up heat from the air and transferring it to the gas within the system.  That warmed gas then was pumped inside to The Head where it was transferred to the indoor air. 

Yesterday, it was cold outside, and the Heat Pump had thoroughly warmed the entire house.

In today’s photograph you can see pipes and gauges, they are part of the installation and will be quickly removed after the system is completely charged.  Today’s picture is of a Brand-New unit that has just been installed.

The two pieces of the heat pump, yesterday’s Head and today’s Compressor are all that there is to a Heat Pump.  This is High Tech using minimal electrical energy and no Fossil Fuels. 

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