Let's look at your windows

It seems as though every fall all of us take a long look at our windows as a possible source of Heat Loss.  The newspapers, TV, and radio are full of ads promoting the huge benefits of “Replacement Windows.”  Things like,  “….call us today and replace your windows so that you can save a fortune!”

Let’s take a look today at some foolish ideas:

Well………., let’s do a Fact-Check on the great value of replacement windows.  Typically, a brand new high-performing window will cost you roughly $350 each.  Granted that number can easily go much higher depending on what you choose.  For out conversation today let’s take a guess and estimate that your home has about twenty windows.  That will easily cost you somewhere between $7,000 and $8,000.  That of course assumes the project is limited to simply replacing the windows; if the job uncovers another problem or two the bill could easily run upwards of $10,000.

So, will the New Windows perform better?  The obvious answer is, “Of Course they will do a better job” and you will definitely save on Energy Costs.  But, how long is it going to take you to recover the initial cost of about $10,000?  We will be willing to estimate that Replacement Windows are not a good value!

Take a look at today’s photograph that shows someone caulking spaces shut around the window.  This is yet another dumb idea!  Do you realize that when that caulk sets up it will act just like an adhesive?  To eventually open the window will require digging out the caulk, or worse…., what about an emergency?  Spray foam is equally strong as an adhesive, don’t do that either!  If you need to close off gaps around the existing windows try some type of “rope caulk” that is a non-adhesive sealant. 

Today here in The Champlain Valley it is sort of snowing, well it’s a Wintry Mix of rain, hail, and a few snowflakes.  As winter approaches, take your time and research carefully those ideas that are being advertised.  Do they represent a good value?

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