Let’s take a trip back to the kitchen.

About a week ago we talked about a grease fire on the kitchen stove and how to extinguish the flames.  Check back to one of our earlier blog posts and check out the correct steps to take should if you have a grease fire at.  It really is important and deserves your close attention whether you live in Orange, Vermont or Orwell, Vermont, it is important!

We did more research and found that the overwhelming majority of house fires are caused by two things:

  1. Cooking fires – the grease fire that we have already talked about is the leading cause of a house fire.  The fire at the stove can spread so quickly that they almost immediately become very dangerous!  Remember we mentioned that Induction Cook Tops can help prevent fires because with the touch of a button the Heat is Instantly Off.  Continued heat is a significant contributor to a grease file spreading so quickly.  Yes, a gas stove can also be turned off instantly whereas a conventional electric resistance stove cools off slowly.  Please do not underestimate the danger of a cooking fire!
  2. Smoking – all across America millions of us no longer smoke cigarettes but regardless smoking is the second leading cause of house fires.  People who foolishly smoke in a sofa, their bed, or elsewhere will doze off and poof, a fire can start because of a burning cigarette.  The secret to this situation is easy, don’t smoke!

There are additional causes of house fires such as:

  • Faulty electrical equipment, wiring, or appliances
  • Candles or other open flames
  • Children that are unsupervised
  • And so on…………………..

We sincerely hope that all of this is not necessary and that none of you ever have to deal with a house fire.  Unfortunately, we have worked with families who have lost their homes, it is a devastating experience.  Be careful!

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