Look at a Heat Pump!

As everyone has noticed the temperatures have dropped significantly in the very recent past.  Today in Burlington it is currently 26 degrees while the average for December 11th is 33.  We are below average for this time of year.  This morning it was 6 degrees so by noon it has warmed up significantly.

For those of you that think this debunks Climate Change please remember that severe weather conditions are typical  and are characteristic of the Global Warming scenario.

As temperatures drop and the demand for heat increases, we thought it would be a good time to look again at Cold Climate Heat Pumps.  The Heat Pump does not create heat, it simply moves heat from one place to another. 

On a day like today the Heat Pump extracts heat from outside and moves it indoors.  The obvious question is, “…at 6 degrees there isn’t any heat in the air.”  That simply is not true!

Think of it this way, there is far more heat in the air at six degrees than when it is minus ten degrees.

Take a careful look at today photograph.  You are looking at the inside portion of a Heat Pump that is being installed in a brand-new home from Vermont Modular right here in The Champlain Valley of Chittenden County Vermont. 

The “Head” in today’s picture is connected to the compressor outside by coper pipes that you can see in the picture.  Gasses are compressed outside where they gain heat from the air, those hot gasses are then forced inside to the head where the heat is “blown into the living room.” 

After the gas loses its heat inside it returns to the compressor outside and is squeezed and compressed again regaining its heat.  And, the cycle continues on and on.

During the summer months the cycle is reversed, and cold gasses are pumped inside providing air conditioning from the same unit that heats your home in the winter.

The sole source of energy in this heating and cooling system is electricity; absolutely no Fossil Fuels are consumed at your home. 

Using Air Source Cold Climate Heat Pumps is the LEAST EXPENSIVE way to heat your home!  The only exception is a wood stove where the homeowners gather the wood from their own property and do not pay for it.

Heat Pumps are…………….!  Finish the sentence.  What do you think?

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