Luxury upgrades to your home

One of the hottest and most trendy things you can do to your home is the outdoor space where family and friends can gather. 

This weekend is scheduled to be excellent with bright sunshine, gentle breezes, and temperatures in the low 70’s.  Oh, come on, isn’t Vermont spectacular in summer!  That was not a question.

Taking your living spaces outside to include decks, porches, and patios is one of the most popular things you can do to your home!  Take a look at today’s photographs and see:

  • Fire place – whether you opt for a fireplace or a fire pit, there’s something very relaxing and comforting about sitting around the fire.  Smores anyone?  (you do know what a smore is?)
  • Check out the grill in the picture.  Now that is some massive grill that’s built into the outdoor space as compared to a free-standing grill.  Either one will cook u a summer time feast.
  • Isn’t the patio furniture beautiful?  There are so many different varieties and styles that will fit within a myriad of budgets.
  • Pizza Ovens have become insanely popular.  Although not in today picture the backyard Pizza Oven has really taken off.  How about a summer Pizza picnic?  Ok, now I’m hungry!
  • So, what is in the glass next to the chair?  Is that a glass of Lemonade, perhaps wine, or maybe a summer cocktail.  Who cares, it does look inviting.

So, dream big, sit back in that chair, and put your feet up as you create your backyard space.

What ideas do you have that you’d like to share?

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