Material delays and it is apt to get worse

As we move more towards fall, let’s face it the first half of August is almost over, but as fall approaches it is time to seriously start thinking about building your new home.

In today’s email we received a notice that building supplies are in such high demand that everything is taking longer.  For example, did you know that :

  • Windows can easily take five weeks to order
  • Kitchen cabinets backlogged and now take six weeks for a delivery
  • Building lumber prices are shooting upwards for a lot of reasons
  • Wild fires out west are going to cause demand to increase

We can help you with your modular home order and delivery but, don’t dilly dally. 

Did you know that September, October, and November are our busiest times of the year?  I have a very non-scientific explanation.  Interested?

  • Summer in Vermont is so spectacular that everyone is at the beach eating hotdogs and enjoying summer and they say, “…go away and leave me alone, I am enjoying summer!”
  • Everyone is now focusing on getting the kids back to school.  Soon Vermont will see its annual flood of new college students and all the other school kids getting their hair cut, buying new clothes, and getting ready for the big day.
  • Labor Day is exactly three weeks from today, by then all the kids will be back in school, and life will return to normal.

Give us a call and let us know what we can do to help you!  Fall is coming

We would like to see your new home delivered any where from Walden to Wallingford Vermont and of course all the other towns in Vermont. 

Where are you thinking of building?

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