More about vacation homes

For a while now we have been looking at some of our more popular Vacation Style Homes.  After all……….., this is summer in Vermont.  Oh come on!  You know full well you’d love to own your private corner of Vermont where you and your family could build a life time of memories.

Take a long look at today’s photograph.  This spectacular Chalet Style home in northern Vermont has an enormous expanse of glass from the floor of the living room all the way up to the peak of the roof some twenty-two feet.

We could go on and on describing this home for you or simply provide you with a link to a video we did. 

We encourage you to click on the video link below and take a long look at what Vermont Modular Homes can do for you. 

Whether you are up north in Lamoille County for down south in Bennington County, we can build your new home for you.

Ok…………., what do you think?  Is this home a yes?  Or do you think it is a NO?

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