More detail about finish work.

Yesterday we provided a brief overview of what will be needed to finish the work on your new home once the Set Crew has gently placed your modules on their permanent foundation. 

Today let’s start a slightly more detailed explanation of what goes on.  Today let’s take a look at what the Carpenter might be doing for you:

  1. Siding – There are so many different types of siding that are available.  Typically, the only one that will come with your home is Vinyl siding.  Should you choose vinyl some of it will be installed at the factory with the remaining being installed onsite on your property.  All of the other various types of siding would be installed onsite also; that includes things like Hardi-Plank, Cedar, Metal, Stucco, Engineered wood, brick, and so on.
  2. Basement Stairs – your home will not come with basement stairs and they are obviously necessary.
  3. Outside entry/exit stairs – these also will need to be built by your carpenter.
  4. Porches and decks – although some-times porches and decks can come with your new home they are more commonly built onsite.  There are many many different types and styles of decks and porches.  Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see a Custom Front Porch being added onsite.
  5. Custom Work – occasionally a homeowner will want uniquely custom work that is better built onsite.  This might include a gazebo, a poor cabana, or a back-yard shed.
  6. Pool – speaking of swimming pools these have become increasingly popular throughout Vermont.  Yes, we can help you!
  7. Three-Season Sun Rooms – occasionally it is easier to add the Sun Room on site although many homes will come with their Sun Room being built at our  factory.
  8. Interior work – yes, there will be interior work that will need to be done, things like:
    1. Casing and Trim around doors and doorways but only where there is a seam between the modules.  All the other doors are fully installed at the plant.
    2. Floor coverings are best installed at the very last minute to avoid any damage; you can have virtually any type of flooring you’d like.

This is a brief overview of what needs to be done, it is not meant to be a complete list as each home is 100% Custom Built and not the same as someone else’s house.  Check with us we can provide more details.

Do you find these descriptions and details helpful?

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