More kitchen gadgets to consider

Yesterday we talked about how technology has taken over your living room and is now about to invade your kitchen with a plethora of high tech or low tech gadgets.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape how technology is dominating everything in modern life don’t forget small contributions such as your vacuum, washing machines, clothes dryers, and of course Ice Cream Makers.  Do you really want to go back to “…the good old days?”  Remember yesterday we highlighted a kitchen based Digital Home Brewing system, that’s very cool!

Here are a couple more kitchen gadgets that are very popular:

  1. Programable coffee makers.  This is a “must-have” for all of us coffee lovers, waiting until we get to the coffee shop is too long.
  2. How about The Air-Fryer?  Ok, so it’s not really a fryer but rather an induction cooker that pushes hot air around the food with almost no fat. 
  3. Ice Maker – there are small but fast counter-top machines that make ice cubes.  This is great if you are entertaining and have one of the magical Robotic Bartending machines.  Yup, it makes drinks flawlessly.  You are going to need ice.
  4. Have you heard of an Immersion Circulator?  This electric beauty circulates hot liquid around in a pot to evenly cook food.  I guess it is similar to an Induction Oven except with liquid.
  5. WIFI connected Thermometer.  Of course, this gadget will monitor food temperatures and then via your phone let you know when the Soufflé or other delicacy is ready.  Why would you want to burn things?  The sauce pan or oven will send you an email, of course!
  6. Sous Vide machine.  This is the one where you vacuum seal food in a plastic bag and cook it in water.  This is one of the newest concepts out there.
  7. Toaster, this is for those of us that simply toast bagels and move on with our morning coffee.

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the new stuff that’s available for your kitchen.

Which one gadget do you think is the best?  Which one do you think needs to be added to the list?

Join in the conversation, this can be fun.

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