The next in our series about design ideas

So far we have talked about Bathrooms and Kitchens and how significant they are to make your new home standout as a uniquely beautiful home.

Today let’s take a look at Floor Coverings.  Here’s an area that will go into every room of your new home.  By the way, do you like today’s photograph?  The puppy (all puppies are cute) is sitting on what looks like hardwood floors.  Here is a brief and quick overview of types of floor coverings:

  1. Hardwood – there are man types of hardwood floors, probably the most common and popular is oak but, there are many others.  $$$
  2. Engineered Hardwood – this is a thin layer of plywood with a veneer of hardwood on top   $$$
  3. Bamboo -  bamboo is a super fast-growing hardwood and greatly resembles Hardwood.  $$
  4. Cork – cork tiles are very popular and offer a beautiful surface
  5. Laminate – manufactured “planks” that mimic hardwood in a durable surface.  $
  6. Vinyl Sheet goods – sometimes referred to as linoleum.  $
  7. Vinyl Planks – similar to Laminate except made entirely of vinyl and can easily mimic virtually anything.  $$
  8. Ceramic Tile – ceramic tiles are very popular in some areas of a home such as the bathroom and perhaps the front foyer.  $ - $$$
  9. Carpet – although carpet is no longer the prime floor covering it is still extremely popular especially in bedrooms.  $ - $$$

A major concern today is Durability of the floor coverings as this is such a big part of determining Value.  There really is not a good single answer to durability as it depends on which type of flooring and where that is located.  For example; a carpet will last much longer in a bedroom as compared to the front foyer.

Whether your new home is in White River Junction or Whiting it is very important that you chose the floor covering that will make your new home standout.

Which is your favorite?  Is there a best type of floor covering?

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