The next step is to deliver the house, almost.

As of yesterday, everything is ready and finished, all that seems to be left is to wait for the house to be delivered.  Well………………, not so quick!  There might be two small, but critical things left to do.  Then, we will be done.  Take a close look at today’s photograph and you will see:

  1. Lally Columns – the steel columns that are cement filled run down the middle of the basement and they are what holds the house up.  (in today’s picture they are neatly laying on the basement floor waiting for the house to arrive)  Lally columns are common and absolutely necessary in every home!  These columns are an essential component for the structural integrity of the building.  Lally columns support the weight of the house above as the load is carried straight downward to the footing.  This downward weight is called Dead Weight and obviously the columns must be sufficiently strong enough to carry the weight of a significant snow fall in the winter.  In areas like Jay, Vermont or any of the Vermont Ski Resort areas there is a lot more snow than in The Champlain Valley next to Lake Champlain. 
  2. Sill Plate – in today’s photograph down at the bottom, you can see a small piece of lumber, that’s the sill plate.  When a house is built is rests on top of the sill plate.  When a modular home is delivered it will sit on top of that sill plate which is securely anchored to the concrete foundation.  Everything is locked together at the exact spot where the home will spend the rest of its life.  By the way, did you know that a modular home has a life expectancy of 100 years?

NOW, you are ready for the house to be delivered!  Take a look around and see if trucks and the crane can easily access your homesite.

Tomorrow (well….., shortly) your home will arrive and be gently set on the foundation.  Your dream is on the verge of becoming a reality.  Whether you live in Chittenden County surrounding Burlington or in Windham County near Brattleboro, the excitement is about to begin.  Speaking of Windham County who knows where West Wardsboro is?  Yup, we have a house there!

Let us know how your dream project is coming, we’d love to hear from you and share the adventure with everyone.

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