Now comes the finishing touches

As our story line continues we move away from the delivery and setting of the modules on their permanent foundation.  The next step in the process of completing your modular home is the all in the details.

Today’s photograph shows Pat and Gordon standing in their front door in Lanesboro Massachusetts.  (by the way, without the computer’s Spell Check I will never know how to correctly spell Massachusetts)  Today’s picture was taken immediately after they house was set on the foundation back in May.

This Blog Post is hardly the place to give a detailed description of what needs to be done in your new home.  However, we can help you understand the basics.

To complete your new home after the set you will need the assistance of at least three tradesmen:

  • Carpenter – the carpenter will
    • complete the installation of your siding whatever particular type you select.
    • Build and install basement stairs
    • Perhaps install an interior door or two depending on the layout of your new home
    • Finish the sheetrock everywhere the modules come together.
  • Plumber – your plumber will connect all of the PEX piping for hot and cold water throughout the house along with the PVC sewer pipes that end up in the septic.
  • Plumber – typically another big job the plumber does is to install the heating system that you have chosen.  Remember, every home is different, and the heating system varies from home to home.
  • Electrician – the electrician will connect all of the wired into the panel box but, the biggest part of his job is to connect the entry service from The Pole to your home.

There are a lot more things that need to be completed.  Things like custom Tile Work, Solid Surface counter tops, Hard Wood flooring, and the list could go on and on for a very long time.  Every home is Custom Built.

So, whether your home is in Bennington or Bethel Vermont we can easily help you with your new home!

Go ahead and take a guess, how long does it usually take to complete the finish work on-site?

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