Now it is time for you to play in the dirt.

So far you have picked out your land and cleared the trees if necessary.  Sometimes when your new home is going to be out in a field or meadow it is necessary to hire someone to mow down the tall grass and assortment of weeds, small saplings, and brush.  But, now the land is cleared, and we are ready for the next step.

Take a look at today’s photograph, you will see an excavator digging in what appears to be rock.  That is exactly what’s going on.  On this particular job site, it was necessary to drill into the rock, insert dynamite, and blast a cellar hole for the new home.

Normally the excavator simply digs in the dirt creating a hole for the concrete foundation.  But, in this situation it was necessary to blast as the site is all ledge rock.  By the way, this home site turned out uniquely beautiful with the lake and hills in the background, it provided a spectacularly gorgeous view

Many times, we indicate to the homeowners that one of the most important tradesmen on the job is the excavator.  After all, it is he who will shape and grade the land to set off the home in the most advantageous way.  In today’s picture the layout and elevation of the home made all the difference between an ordinary site and one that is spectacular!  Whether you are building in the hills around Bristol or in the valleys near Brookfield it is important to get it right.

When the excavator digs the cellar hole there are several things that need to be taking into consideration.  Every home needs to have “perimeter drains” around the bottom of the foundation to drain away ground water so that it does not get into the home.

This particular home needed to be set just right so that the car could get near the door while still allowing easy access to the lake for swimming.

There is a lot more to it than is first imagined.  We strongly suggest you pick your excavator carefully, it is important.

Where would you like your new home?  Near the water?

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