Oh my! Winter really is on the way.

Regardless of what the calendar says I have always thought that today and tomorrow are the unofficial days that start winter.  My reasoning is quite simple:

  1. Today is Day Light Savings time
  2. Tomorrow is Standard time.

Tonight, we all gain an hour of extra sleep because at some awful time in the wee hours of the night the time changes back one hour. 

And………, tomorrow several things will happen:

  1. Tomorrow will be the unofficial start of winter
  2. Tomorrow you will show up somewhere an hour early because you forgot to change your clocks at home
  3. If you show up at your favorite diner for Sunday breakfast they just might still be closed.  Again, because you forgot to change your clocks.
  4. Or, you will wake up rested and happy because you had that extra hour’s sleep.

Today’s photograph is of a beautiful fall day here in Vermont.  Enjoy it while it lasts, as we all know Vermont Foliage may be spectacularly beautiful, but it is short lived.

Tomorrow is the unofficial start of winter.

Oh, by the way………………………..

Throughout the winter months is a great time to plan and design your new home. 

Did you know that Vermont Modular Homes has two huge things happening in the very near future?

First, we are moving our offices from Shelburne where we have been since 2002 to our new digs in South Burlington.  We will be offering a wide array of additional services to help you design your new home.

Second, we are adding the services of two Architects to our staff and they will be available to you as your design your new home.

A lot of news will be forthcoming shortly.  So……, turn the clocks back tonight and stick with us as we begin a new adventure.

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