Ok, the big day is almost here!

The foundation is all done, the backfilling is all set and good to go, you have taken care of a million small details, and now all we have to do is wait for the delivery.

Oh look……….., there are the trucks bringing you new home to you directly from the factory.  As most of you know it has been a tad chilly lately here in Vermont!  While we have been dealing with record breaking cold, snow, howling wind, and assorted other weather craziness; your new home was build indoors away from all that. 

The factory provides a safe controlled environment within which your home can comfortably be built to exacting specifications and standards.  Seriously, how does any competent builder do that outside without sacrificing on quality or skyrocketing costs particularly during the winter?  The simple truth is that a home built indoors has got to be superior!

Not only is the quality going to be superior but think of all the vastly increased productivity.  Work proceeds along at a steady pace and the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and all the tradesmen continue their work at a productive clip.  They are not waiting for the lumber yard to deliver materials, they are not shutting down for an hour to warm up, the work continues nicely in that controlled environment.

Now your home is done, it is ready for transport to perhaps Stowe or are you closer to South Hero?  Regardless of the destination your new home will be delivered safely and on-time.  Yes, you will know exactly when the house will arrive.  We suggest you take off from work a couple hours early as your new home will probably arrive late in the afternoon on your assigned delivery date.

Our next delivery is the first part of February down in The Berkshires, a beautiful corner of western Massachusetts. 

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see the trucks coming up your road with your new home.  This is a very exciting moment that you and your family have been waiting for.  Recently we delivered a nice big Two-Story Colonial to a large family, during the delivery both parents and all the kids took the day off to sit up on top of a pile of dirt to watch their home come together.  That family was building memories for a life time.  

Are you ready to start the process of building your new home?

Call us at 802.985-5855 we would love to talk with you.

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