Only a couple small things left.

So far, we have both the footings and walls are poured, water-proofed, perimeter drains are installed, and most likely insulated.  Insulating the foundation can happen later in the process if you choose to insulate the walls on the inside.  This is the method we highly recommend and will gladly discuss with you in detail.

There are now only two remaining tasks:

  1. The Floor – after the walls are all done the next step is to pour the concrete to create the basement floor.  Several thoughts:
    1. The basement floor should be poured over a bed of crushed stone as a good base for the floor
    2. Above the crushed stone is a layer of plastic to stop moisture from the earth entering the basement.
  2. Backfilling – remember how when the cellar hole was dug we recommended to not “over-dig” by more than 3’?  Now it is time to fill in that void with a variety of material.  Many excavators like to backfill with a sand-and-gravel mixture so that water will easily drain downward into the perimeter drains.  Depending of the various soils on your property this is a good idea or not necessary.  Many of you will have property that is clay.  When you backfill with clay, keep in mind that the clay will settle downward for several years leaving a uneven surface around your home.  If you have that clay you might want to consider sand-and-gravel. 
    1. In today's photograph you will see that this foundation has been water-proofed and backfilled.  This foundation was insulated on the inside later.

Parts of Vermont surrounding The Otter Creek have soil types known as Vergennes Clay that makes for good farms but not drainage.

In towns like Westminster near the Connecticut River the soil types are again heavy clay.

In these areas it is a great idea to have skillfully installed Perimeter Drains that will take water from around the foundation away from the house.

How is the site work at your project going?  Give us a call and share your adventure.  We would love to hear from you.  Call us at 802.985-5855

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