Plan ahead, start thinking summer

Over this past weekend we had unseasonably cold weather, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and very high winds.  Isn’t April just fabulous!  I have mentioned several times that I personally think April is the cruelest month of the year.  Last weekend snow, this coming weekend it is forecast to be 60 degrees.  See why I think April is awful!  The great thing about April is that it is followed by glorious May and so on…………

During April it’s a good time to be thinking about the upcoming warmer weather.  And of course, that forces us to think about SEER.  Isn’t SEER the center of everyone’s focus right about now?  Just to clarify – SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

And that brings us to today’s conversation about Air Conditioning.  Granted, it is far too early to get out the window AC units.  Let’s face it we all have the heat still on.  AC won’t happen for a while.

In the past several years it seems as though everyone is seriously considering Air Conditioning in their home whereas as little as ten years ago people always said, “…oh it’s Vermont, we don’t need AC.”  Oh how things have changed!  Whether you are up north in Derby Vermont or down south in Danby Vermont an evening of 90 degrees is difficult to sleep.  Isn’t AC wonderful!

Take a look at today’s photograph.  That is the outside half of a Cold Climate Heat Pump.  Those of you that follow this Blog know we constantly talk about Heat Pumps (CCHP).  A Heat Pump is an Energy Efficient way to heat your home through the winter.  In today’s picture you are looking at The Compressor and that is where The Magic happens concerning Heat Pumps.

Today we are going to talk about how a Heat Pump is also Air Conditioning during the summer months.  Yup!  If you have a Heat Pump you also have central Air Conditioning and the additional cost is zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing!  Remember, a Heat Pump does not create heat or cold, it simply moves it from one place to another.  So, during the summer it will move the heat from inside your home to outside and replace it with cold air.  Heat Pumps remove moisture from the air better than a standard air conditioner, the result is greater energy efficiency.

We have repeatedly talked about Energy Star appliances and how they are so cost effective, good for the environment, and save you money!  A Heat Pump has a SEER rating, as do all air conditioning appliances.

Virtually every air conditioning appliance has a rating between 13 SEER and 21 SEER.  The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the appliance is.  A high SEER rating tells you the appliance is more efficient and will consume less energy to achieve proper AC results.

When you consider a Cold Climate Heat Pump remember you will have Air Conditioning also.  When you look into a Heat Pump don’t forget its other side, the AC side.

Are you considering a Heat Pump?

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