Radiant, Steam, Forced Hot Air, and how about Heat Pumps

We will conclude our discussion about various types of heat with a discussion of Cold Climate Heat Pumps that also have several other names, they are known as a Mr. Mini-Split

Heat Pump technology is not a new thing.  Heat pumps have been used for decades down south as a source of air-conditioning and also as a source of heat.  Unfortunately, Heat Pumps did not work nicely when temperatures dipped below 40 degrees.  As you can quickly see they simply did not work well up north in cold climates.

The technology of a Cold Climate Heat Pump ( CCHP ) has advanced significantly so that now a heat pump will provide heat to your home when the temperature drops as low as 10 degrees below zero.  Yikes, that is cold!  Heat Pumps work great Middlebury as well as Manchester.

We will gladly send you all kinds of literature that show how a CCHP is the most efficient way to heat your home!  It is also the least expensive to operate.  And, do not forget that a Heat Pump does not consume any Fossil Fuel.  Also, a CCHP will give you Central Air Conditioning during the summer months.

The advantages are clear:

  1. Efficient – a CCHP will use less energy than any other heating appliance
  2. Cost Effective – Heat Pumps
    1. Cheap to operate!  Many studies prove a Heat Pump is the least expensive way to heat your home
    2. Cheap to install – a Heat Pump will cost less to install; a lot less!
  3. Environmentally sound – Heat Pumps do not use any Fossil Fuels, they are run completely on electricity.
  4. Central Air Conditioning – YES, your heat pump will provide AC during the summer months.

Disadvantages –

  1. None that I know!

What are your thoughts?  Should you consider a Heat Pump along with Solar Panels?

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