Is retirement in your near future?

There are many types of clients that we work with all the time.  One of the larger groups of people are those looking for a retirement home.  This typically is a couple that has raised their family, the kids are basically gone off to their own homes, and now mom and dad are looking forward to retirement.

We have designed numerous homes specifically for couple who fit the nick-name “Empty Nester” where only mom and dad live in the family home.  Now it is time to think about a new home that will suite changing life styles.

Please remember that every home is 100% Custom Built where no two homes are alike; each one is unique and reflects the owners’ individual wants and needs, right down to the tiniest detail.  Here are some random thoughts for you to consider:

  1. All on one floor – this is a Ranch Home where the bedrooms, bathrooms, living, dining, and kitchen are all on one floor.
  2. Master suite is on the first floor – the first floor is devoted to mom and dad with everything they need all on one floor while the second floor has a couple bedrooms and a bathroom.  That could easily be for when “the kids” and Grandkids come to visit.  Ok, if you have moved out to Cornwall Vermont and the kids live in Charlotte they probably won’t stay over-night.  But, what if you live in Sheldon Vermont and the kids have moved to Searsburg, they will want to spend the night upstairs.  See how individual wants change the design of a home!
  3. Full Two-Story Colonial but with the master suite on the first floor.
  4. Small Cottage – this is a fabulous choice for those of you that are planning on spending winters down south, oh to be a snow-bird.

Once you have made some huge choices it is good to move on to the rest of the house and make it yours as far as design and layout is concerned.  The choices are endless.  And, the design phase can be the most fun part of the whole project; this is where dreams take shape and become reality.

So, what do you think is the best design and layout for your new home that is looking at retirement?  By the way, this scenario for a home is also perfect to fit the needs of a starter home and the young family.

Which is best? 

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