the sequence of events for your new home

The last step we mentioned in the process of building a modular home is the delivery.  You will recall we showed you several trucks and their escort cars that actually deliver the modules to your property from the plant.

At the end of the delivery the trucks will leave and return to the plant for another delivery the next day.  Delivering homes is a never-ending process but, we do know that “your new home” is here and is ready to be gently placed on its permanent foundation.

The Set Crew is a highly trained and thoroughly experienced crew of men whose sole job is to assemble the modules and at the end of one or two days have the home assembled and weather-tight.

Take a long look at today’s photograph; it captures virtually everything we do.  Look carefully and you will see:

  • The Crane, a hydraulic crane that will hoist the modules off the transport carriers and gently place them on their permanent foundation.
    • See how the crane is sitting on a “pad” of crushed stone so that it has a stable and secure footing
    • Notice how the crane has arms that stick out to hold it in place?  These are called outriggers and the weight of the crane and the modules is all on these outriggers.
  • The Set Crew’s white truck, the module immediately behind the truck is already on the foundation while three others wait their turn
  • It is hard to see but there’s a maroon truck moving a module into place.  It is immediately behind the crane, this module will be hoisted next
  • And almost in the middle of the picture there is a gentleman talking with a lady.  That happens to be me talking with the homeowner who was having quite the day.  Let’s face it, watching your new home come together is very exciting!

Tomorrow I’ll show you what this home looks like when it is finished.  This set was about three years ago and as of today everything is settled down and sitting there in Bennington County Vermont with its proud and happy owners.

What do you think – is this exciting and interesting to see?

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