setting a home is very exciting!

Yesterday we had a successful house set in The Berkshires of western Massachusetts.  This particular home was a completely Custom-Built home that reflects the owners’ individual wants and needs.  I will walk through some of the unique characteristics that are in this home.  This way you will see what can happen in your new home:

  1. Custom Floor Plan – the interior design incorporates specific things the owners wanted.  The most important feature was a gourmet kitchen as the focal point of the home.
  2. Energy efficiency
    1. Vermont Modular combines building products to create an exterior wall with an R-Value of R-30½. 
    2. Triple Pane windows throughout with an U-Value of U-0.21 which far exceeds the energy code requirements.
    3. Insulated Fiberglass exterior doors
    4. Forced Hot Air heat that will allow for the installation of central Air Conditioning.
  3. Double Faced see-through fireplace shared by the living room and the master bedroom.  This will be very exciting!
  4. Massive out door decks that basically surround the entire home creating wonderful outdoor living spaces.

Our point is concise; you can have your new home built exactly to match your individual tastes.  Each home is completely devoted to the owners’ distinctive desires.  Normally those desires are a reflection of dreams.  OUr next home is headed to Windsor County Vermont.

Granted, a home that is in a South Burlington suburban setting is probably going to be significantly different than a rural setting in Shaftsbury.  Regardless of where you live in Vermont or what your dreams are, we can build your new home.

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