Sitting around the camp fire

We have been talking about moving our living space outdoors now that it is summer.  We’ve talked about the grill and some tremendous grill ideas.  By the way, if you have a special summer grill food that you’d like to share with everyone let us know we will publish your delicacy; who knows you just might become a famous star TV chef and we will have started the ball rolling for you.  Let us know.

Today’s photograph is of a camp fire that can easily be in your back yard.  Building a fire pit in your yard is an easy task, honestly it is a great DYI project.  Aren’t you looking for something to build or do yourself?

The backyard fire pit can be basic and simple or very extravagant.  Like all of our ideas we are looking for something in the middle.  That would be a spot where you, your family, and your friends will gather of a summer evening.

The fire pit is a great place to create memories with the kids.  Let’s face it, hot dogs cooked over the open fire are always the best!  Then after the hot dogs comes the Smores.  Just this past weekend I stumbled across a wide variety of how to update the traditional Smore into something awesome.  I was especially taken with the Smore that included fresh summer strawberries.  WOW!

The fire pit is also a great spot for adults to share a drink, tell stories, and reminisce.  A fire can be very relaxing and comforting.  The joy of time spent with family and friends around a fire is hard to describe.

We strongly suggest that you research exactly how to build a fire pit that is safe, we wouldn’t want anyone to have a fire get away from themselves.  Sparks flying in the air can easily be dangerous.  Also, be sure to check with your municipality and see if an open-fire is allowed.  Some of Vermont’s larger cities do not allow any open fires.  A family gathering that’s broken up by the Fire Department’s arrival could be embarrassing.  Oops, I’ve seen that happen and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Either way, we encourage you to move outside during the summer and enjoy that outdoor living space in your back yard.

Share with us your special memories and/or recipes for summer goodies.

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