So, what’s NOT to do?

We get a lot of calls and inquiries about building a new home and it seems as though many must first sell their existing home.  Granted, today here in Vermont it is most definitely a “Sellers’ Market” but it is to your advantage to sell your home for Top-Dollar so that you can move on to your new home.  Right?

So here are a couple things that we are going to suggest you do NOT DO:

  1. Carpet – we’ve talked about this one before.  A year or so ago one of our favorite clients sold her home and thought of replacing the bedroom carpet.  It turned out that the new owners immediately ripped out the carpet and installed Hardwood Floors throughout.  They would have just as quickly removed brand new carpet.  Our homeowner saved several thousand dollars by not replacing the carpet. 
  2. Bathrooms renovation – we suggest you save your money and DO NOT renovate the bathroom!  Another of our wonderful homeowners was about to upgrade the master bathroom and one of the possibilities was a Bidet.  Ok, a bidet is very popular in Europe but probably not-so-much here in Vermont.  Again, save your money and let the new homeowners install what they like.
  3. Biggest home in the neighborhood – if your home is the smallest house in your neighborhood it is always easy to “add-on” and make it bigger but, if you add a family room or something that is only going to drive the cost of your home up.  Will you be able to recover your investment?  We think you will do well to not be the most expensive home around.  Again, we suggest you save your money!

So, what are some really good things to do to improve the sale of your house?

  1. Roof  - YES, we suggest you replace the shingles on your roof if it is needed.  The thought of a roof possibly leaking is such a huge Turn-Off for prospective buyers.  The cost of a brand new roof can improve the value of your home and in most cases the sale price of your home will go up more than the cost of the roof.  This one is a great idea!
  2. Painting – that depends…………., are you going to paint the outside of the house or are you thinking inside?  Outside painting will pay off and be appreciated but, only if you pick a color that offends no one.  Painting inside?  Don’t do that, save your money and let the new owners paint the color they want.

What secret techniques do you have to improve the sale of your home?

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