Solar Panels, valuable?

We keep stressing that all of our ideas we are sharing with you must:

  1. Make a significant improvement.
  2. Be very cost effective and not break the bank.

We hang our hat on those two major concepts.  Today we will stick to our core beliefs as we encourage you to invest in Solar Panels. 

The popularity of Photovoltaic panels have virtually exploded over recent years.  It has become very common place to see Solar Farms where big tracts of land are set aside for Solar Panels.  Today’s discussion is going to focus on residential projects of individual homeowners.

Please realize our comments today are limited to introductory comments, for further details you should contact a reputable dealer, solar expert, and/or other reliable source.

As we see it there are basically three major approaches to becoming involved with Photovoltaic Panels.

  1. Roof installation – if your home is oriented correctly you can install Solar Panels up on the roof.  The steeper the pitch on the roof the more energy your panels will generate.
  2. Post Installation – if you have room in your yard or on the property you can install three or more permanent posts that will support Solar Panels.  The advantage here is that the panels can be adjusted every-once-in-a-while so that the panels are aimed more correctly at the sun allowing you to generate more electricity.
  3. Motorized panels that move to correct their orientation to the sun.  As the earth rotates around the sun its position in the sky changes, this type of solar array follows the sun.

As is the case with so many things we discuss in our daily blog there are several options available to you.  Today’s discussion of solar panels is no exception.  Whether you live in Bakersfield or Berkshire Vermont you can make your contribution to our Environment.

Do you have a story involving Solar Power?  Why not share or make a comment!  What do you think of Solar Power?

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