Solar Panels on your roof.

Today’s blog is rather important to us as a company and we are reaching out to you for input and advice!  Please let us know your thoughts!

In today’s news there was an article that California has approved a requirement that every new home built in their state has Solar Panels on the roof.

This move that every new home must have solar panels would be the first state in the nation to have such a requirement.  There are those of us that vividly remember when California was the first and only state to mandate all kinds of emission controls on cars, that was back in the ‘80’s.  Those requirements are now common place in all fifty states including Vermont.

Speaking of Vermont, our small state has made huge leaps forward in mandating a wide variety of energy requirements for all new homes.  Our tiny Vermont has become a national leader!  How cool is that.

So, here is the big question from Vermont Modular Homes, Inc…….., should we as a responsible Vermont Company require that every new home from our company have Solar Panels? 

What would be the advantages?

  • We all know this would be a big step in the right direction for conserving energy, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and reducing Green House Gas emissions.
  • Our company requirement would apply only to complete new homes and if a house was in a uniquely shady spot, it would be exempt.
  • Our company requirement would be for residential homes whether they are single family, duplex, or multi-family.
  • This would help Vermont achieve a goal of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

What would the dis-advantages be?

  • The Solar Panels would increase the cost of a new home
  • Those up-front costs would result in lower energy bills in the future

Out west in California they have conducted many hearings and opportunities for the public’s input.  Evidently not one industry group opposed the program.

Here is our question for you today – Should Vermont Modular Homes mandate that every new home from our company include Solar Panels?

What are your thoughts?

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