Spring is around the corner!

The other day one of my neighbors was out raking their yard for the first leg of Spring Clean Up.  Hold on folks, not quite so quick.

If you look carefully here and there in your garden there might be Tulips and Daffodils barely starting to sprout.  Ok, the Crocus are probably already doing something but, remember they are the first.

All the remaining very early flowering bulbs (Tulips and Daffodils will need to be left alone for a while yet. 

Honestly, it is too early to start you spring clean-up.  Just the other day in southern New England they got 6 to 8” of fresh snow.  Here in northern Vermont it looks a lot more like spring than our neighbors to the south but seriously it is still not time to start raking and cleaning up from winter’s mess.  Give it a couple weeks more. 

Much of the wet soil needs to dry out and stop being mud.  For those of you that live up in the mountains in places like Chelsea in Orange County or Cambridge in Lamoille County it is far easier for you to see what I am talking about; for you spring will arrive a tad bit later.

We would love to hear what your plans for spring include.  Last fall I planted over one hundred daffodil bulbs and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  And, every year I am very nervous awaiting the sprouting of my Trillium that happens to be one of the slowest spreading wild flowers!  So, each year I carefully count the number of flowers and see how many new plants I have.

Do you have unique garden stories that surround your home?  Please share and join in the conversation.  Do you have an oasis in your back yard that you’d like to share?

Owning a home is an adventure.  Normally we talk about energy efficiency and special tasks in your home.  Today is a brief sojourn outside and after a long winter the journey into the yard seems welcomed.

What do you think?  Join in the conversation!

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