The start of a new series “getting started”

For the past couple weeks, we have been talking about building a Vacation Home here in Vermont.  That series of blog posts generated a lot of enthusiasm and interest.  Therefore, we thought it might be a good idea follow up on that by walking through The Process of how you would go about building your new home.

As we head into autumn it is a good time to put your hopes and dreams into action; it is time to Start The  Process………………

  • Step One………..  Find and purchase land.  This can be one of the most challenging aspects of the entire process.  You are going to select one single piece of property to build your new home on.  Along with that goes the neighborhood, town, and location in relationship to your work, the kids’ school, and a myriad of other considerations.
    • Do you want to live deep in the woods?
    • Do you want to live out in the open as in a meadow?
    • Or, do you want to live near water?
    • How about in the valley such as The Champlain Valley near The Lake?
    • Or, how about up in the mountains?
    • How far is your property going to be from your work and/or family?
    • Then of course there’s the whole question about how big a piece of property you want?
    • And lastly, what will it cost?
    • Choosing the land is a HUGE deal.
  • Step Two……….after you have decided on the land, its location, its size, and so on it is time to:
    • Clear The land and get it ready for your new home.
    • Take a look at today’s photograph it shows a beautiful lot in Lamoille County where a home will be delivered in the next month or so. 
    • Trees have been cut down and stumps removed
    • A big area for the home and yard for the kids to play is now possible
  • Step Three…….. come see us tomorrow as our Getting Started series continues.

Where are you thinking of building?  Is Bridport near The Lake an option or are you thinking of Burke up in the mountains?  What town are you thinking of?

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