Thinking outside the box.

This week we’ve been talking about The Colors for 2018 and how those colors can greatly contribute to creating your special space.

Take a long look at today’s photograph and you will see:

  • Striking using of color – look at the black wall and how elegant a feel it creates.  Not to be overpowering with blackness the bright colors of the paintings create a stark contrast of elegant beauty.
  • Flat screen TV – with the black accent wall the large screen TV seems to disappear when it is not in use.
  • In the ceiling there are several lights that are highlighting the paintings to the right and on the left the white analog clock is displayed.
  • Contrasting with the black wall the white or cream-colored furniture creates another aspect of this warm inviting room.
  • The flooring introduces yet another set of colors.  We cannot tell whether this floor is reclaimed wood or one of many manufactured floorings.  One of the most popular floorings today are Vinyl Planks that are waterproof and obviously can be created to display a wide array of colors and/or woods.
  • Accent carpet by the sofa and seating area adds yet another set of Earth Tones to this room.
  • The wide expanse of glass allows natural light to fill the room and while it is private there is the feeling of openness to the world
  • Far to the right you can see white walls in another area of the home leaving this living room so uniquely special.
  • Do you like the sculpture on the floor?

If this were your home what might you include?

If this were your home is there something you’d leave out?

How about the colors, are they beautiful?

Whether you build your totally Custom-Built home in Danby or Duxbury it needs to make you happy and reflect who you are.

Share with everyone your thoughts, we’d all love to hear from you!

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