Vacation time is here!

The other day was July 4th with fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, picnics, and everyone’s attempt to escape from overwhelming heat.  Here in Burlington we moved back and forth up and down from 100 degrees.  Egad, it was hot.

And all that means it’s vacation time and we all know there’s nothing quite as wonderful as July and August in Vermont.  Even the skiers look forward to this.  Ok, they love the snow but for now its summer vacation time here in The Green Mountain State, we love it!  That of course brings us to the annual conversation that revolves around owning your own private corner of Vermont and then you will have your secret refuge that only you know about, it is your very special place where you and your family to escape to peace and quiet.  It is the secret place where traffic, chaos, and daily stress drift off to a distant and faint memory.  You are now in your family’s sanctuary that can easily be in Ascutney or Winhall Vermont or anywhere in-between.

We thought we’d spend a couple days introducing you to various Vacation Homes that we have delivered.  Please remember every home we build is 100% Custom Built, no two private sanctuaries are the same.  No two families are the same and your family deserves its private get away whether it be up in the mountains, next to the water, near a ski slope, or deep in the woods; your vacation spot will be yours.

Today let’s take a look at The Banff, a very special home that you might consider as a camp or the cottage or whatever you would like to call it.  The Banff is named after the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Take a look at today’s photograph of The Banff and you will see:

  • A cottage that has been built as a Chalet or a story and a half where the Master Bedroom has its own private cantilevered deck. 
  • Take a look at all the glass that obviously looks out at a view.  This particular Banff takes in farm fields, barns, silos, and mountains.
  • The living room has expansive glass leading out to the decks across the front of the home.  Just perfect for an evening glass of wine or a dip in the Hot-Tub in winter.
  • Yes, we have built The Banff as a Chalet and its vaulted living room ceiling that creates a whole new feel.
  • This particular Banff has a garage in the basement that is filled with Toys, mostly winter Toys but somehow the car is outside.  I wonder why?
  • Things to consider:
    • A fireplace
    • Chalet vaulted ceiling
    • Loft sleeping area
    • Gourmet kitchen
    • Outdoor pizza oven
    • Hot Tub
    • Fire Pit
    • Central Air Conditioning
    • Energy Efficiency
    • 100% Custom Built

We will gladly help you with a custom design that fits both your wants and needs as well as your budget.

What do you think of this particular style vacation home? 

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