The weekend is upon us!

It’s Friday, the weekend is upon us, yesterday was the Summer Equinox so Summer is officially here, it has been beautiful weather all week long, and now both Saturday and Sunday are scheduled to rain.

This weekend is the perfect time to sit back, think, dream, and plan the layout for your new home.

In today’s photograph we see our Little Green and White gal seriously thinking about his/her new home.  He/she has that look on her face, the look of a dreamer contemplating the future.  (Yes, I decided she is a girl because of the shoes)

I am sure she is dreaming of her new home, but she’s confused about whether it should be built down in Newfane or North Hero out in the islands.  Did you know that both towns house their county Court House?

I wonder what she is thinking and dreaming about:  (these are great topics for you to consider this rainy weekend as your dream and plan)

  1. Outdoor space – how about that patio or porch that you’ve been thinking of.  The other day (6/8) we talked about luxury outdoor spaces, based on the response it seems as though everyone liked that blog
  2. How to make the kitchen special – we’ve had several blog posts about ideas for your kitchen, how to make it even more beautiful.
  3. Don’t forget to dream about your Master Bathroom!  The options and ideas for today’s bathroom are endless.
  4. Is your new home going to have Air Conditioning?  Over a lot of months we have talked about Heat Pumps and how they efficiently heat your home in the winter.  Well, now it is summer and the very same Heat Pump will provide energy efficient Air Conditioning.
  5. Several of our blog posts have talked about what not to do if you’re trying to sell you home.  Basically we suggested you save the money and let the new owners do what they like.
  6. How and where should you use vivid colors?  On this rainy weekend it could be fun to visit the paint store and take a serious long look at trending colors.

This is only a tiny list of things you could be dreaming and planning about.

Do you know where you are going to build your new home?

Have you spoken with the bank yet?

What are some of the things you are considering this weekend?  Share you thoughts with everyone.

And, let us know what you think would be a good name for our Green & White beautiful girl.  I’m thinking we will keep her around and she will visit us from time to time.  So, what’s her name?

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