What are the advantages of a Modular Home?

There’s the saying that “….a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Take a look at today’s photograph, it was taken by a good friend of mine over in New York State a couple years ago.  Obviously, it is a building under construction on-site.  Did we mention the snow and ice that have engulfed the building site?

Isn’t that a fantastic photograph?  I so clearly points out why you wouldn’t want your new home built on-site.  If you stick-build a home one board at a time onsite it is guaranteed it will be exposed to all kind of harsh weather.

Look carefully, it appears to be what will eventually become a three-bedroom ranch house.  Off to the left are the trusses that will form the roof.  Everything is covered with snow and ice.

It is difficult to tell for sure, but it looks as though the construction is using typical and conventional building practices.  And those normal practices include huge exposure to the elements. 

Don’t mis-understand, we are NOT being critical of the builder.  I am sure he is just as discouraged as is the homeowner. 

  • Our point is simple.  
  • Wouldn’t you rather have you home built indoors away from snow, sleet, ice, rain, and all the other stuff Mother Nature has at her disposal?

Every builder in Vermont should take a long hard look at this photograph and then have a serious conversation about Modular Homes that are built indoors in a controlled environment.

Today’s picture was taken in Essex County New York several years ago.  If you are building in Franklin County Vermont such as Fairfax or Fair Haven Vermont in Rutland County, the weather across the north country can and will be harsh.

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Your thoughts?

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