What are you? A foodie or are you an unenthusiastic cook?

Let’s take a pretend tour of your home.  How about we start in the living room and check out all the technological goodies that are there.  That living room is typically devoted to entertaining family and guests.  Do you have a Smart TV?  Remember all those VHS tapes that gave way to DVD’s?  I still have a spectacular VCR, it is one of the 4-Head beauties, oh by the way, I haven’t even turned it on for at least five years; who knows whether it will even startup much less work properly.  Now it seems that everyone has a Smart TV.  Technology has taken over your living room.

Back to our house tour……., on into the kitchen.  The technology revolution is rapidly entering the kitchen but it is years behind the living room.  Talk about years behind, check out today's photograph.

Here are some things to look for in the coming days, months, but probably less than years:

  1. Digital assistant – there are devices out there that will plan shopping lists, meals for the week, and then provide you with recipes and “how-to” instructions as you cook
  2. Digital trash can – you got that right.  You can buy a digital trash can that has a scanner at the top so as you dump your trash out it reads the bar-codes and obviously will know what you now need added to your shopping list.
  3. If you are feeling mildly crazy you can hook your trash can up with a home delivery service.  So, if you run out of “….whatever….” it will digitally order the item you need and poof, it appears at your front door.
  4. Digital dispenser of food items.  If you want the exact amount of flour, rice, or other dry ingredients.  The dry stuff gets stored in special canisters and is precisely dispensed.  Or there can be a built-in scale that tells you when the exact amount of liquid is in a bowl.  Who could make a mistake?
  5. Of course there are Apps to help you.  Where would we be without a phone?  Honestly, I think there’s an App to help us with just about anything.  The obvious question is do we really want all that help?
  6. Here’s a very cool idea – how about a Digital Home Brewing system?  Yup, there are gadgets that can help you brew your own “Adult Traveling Beverages.”  Just add some of this and some of that, wait the prescribed time, and POOF you have your own Craft Beer. 

The technological revolution that has already invaded your living room is rapidly taken charge in the kitchen>

So, if you are a Foodie in Fair Haven Vermont or an Unenthusiastic Cook in Canaan Vermont, there is a lot of cool things happening in the kitchen.

Join the conversation – which are you a Foodie or are you more of an Ordinary Cookie type?

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