What comes next?

Now that the delivery is completed and of course all of the specialized trucks’ carriers are taken back to the plant; what happens next?

There it is, your home is siting on its permanent foundation and of course you are 100% emotionally prepared to move in.  But……………., not so fast.  There is a bunch of finish work that needs to be done.

Over the next couple days we will discuss the various aspects of what needs to happen so that your home is 100% finished.  For starters let’s look at what the excavator needs to do now that virtually all the big and heavy trucks are gone:

  1. Build the septic system – this might have been done before the delivery or after the house was set.  It all depends on where the septic’s Leach Field is located.  That is the part of the septic system where the affluent percolates down into the earth and/or evaporates. 
  2. Trenching – it may not seem like a big deal but there are a lot of trenches that need to be dug.  How about one for the electricity from The Pole to your house, also a trench for either cable TV and/or phone, another for the water line from the well, the sewer line from the house out to the septic tank, and possibly drainage lines such as the foundation’s perimeter drains.  (By the way, cable lines should not go in the same trench as your electric power.)
  3. Over all grading – this is one of the most important aspects of the excavator’s work.  He will shape and grade the land into how it will basically remain forever.  This needs to take into account the beauty of your property and proper drainage away from the house for water and snow.
  4. Land scaping – this is usually part of the grading but might include planting of shrubbery, trees, and of course the lawn.
  5. Finish the driveway – usually the driveway is the very first thing on any job and it is also the very last thing.  You want your driveway to have its finish grade and top-coat so that it looks beautiful.  That needs to happen when everything else is done and all the trucks and heavy traffic is gone.

We suggest you give huge thought to how you want your yard to look.  Remember, if you are in South Burlington you will want one type of look as compared to perhaps in out in the country of Ascutney.  Vermont has many faces and you probably want your new home to fit right in and look beautiful!

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