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Normally we talk about Energy Conservation and Efficiency but, not today.  We want to let you in on what is our newest undertaking.  Yes, we will be following this throughout the entire project, so you will have a good idea of what to expect with your new home.

In today photograph you can see the first stages of building a driveway to the house site.  This particular site is slightly unique in that the entire road bed of rock came directly from the property and honestly that doesn’t happen very often.

No, the house is not being built in a quarry.  However, the preparation of the cellar hole is not exactly common.  When the excavator started to dig to create a cellar hole allowing for a full basement he ran into ledge rock.  Ut oh, hitting bed-rock was not exactly in The Plan

Whenever a homeowner is confronted with Ledge Rock there are several options:

  • Forget about the full basement and settle for a crawl space
  • Move the foundation to another spot if that is allowed within the confines of your building permit
  • Abandon all hope and give up.  This is a dumb idea
  • Blast using dynamite and break up the rock allowing the excavator to dig.

The last option is exactly what happened in our Chittenden County job site.  A fully licensed and insured Basting Company was called in to solve the problem.

It really is quite amazing what a stick, or two or three, of dynamite can accomplish.

Now the homeowners have at their disposal all kinds of stone that they are using to build the driveway shown in today’s picture.

The last time we did this was down in Windham County several years ago and that house is 100% finished and loved by its family.  Today’s basting is at the very beginning of this project. 

So, what are your thoughts?  What would you do if confronted with ledge rock?

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