What do you think is one of the most sought after features

We try to keep pace with the latest and greatest features in new homes.  After all, we are constantly asked for an opinion about the most current trends.

Here’s a brief sampling of what’s going on in the world of tending stuff:

  1. Artificial intelligence and voice recognition are rapidly becoming common place.  It seems as though today’s “smart home” is the place where we talk to and are answered back by machines.  “A__?__a”, play this song!  Or, turn the lights on or off.  Let’s face it most of us have some sort of device that we talk to.
  2. In the kitchen – a year or so ago we specifically said how research was saying that people were not interested in receiving an email from their refrigerator.  Oh, how things have changed.  Now “Smart Appliances” are all the rage.  Do you talk to your refrigerator or have conversations with your oven?
  3. And in your bathroom – do you know what is the most popular new feature to hit the ensuite?  Oh wait, does everyone know what an Ensuite is?  Seriously, what is the latest trending feature?  Join in the conversation!  Read on, we will give you a hint shortly.
  4. What has become the fate of Whirlpool tubs?  Or, are they in or out?  Hint!  Soaking tubs and whirlpool beauties are a thing of the past.  Yup, they have been pushed aside and replaced with “Free Standing” tubs.  You’ve seen them they are a modern talk off of the old-fashioned Claw Foot Tubs.
  5. Who knows what a Column Refrigerator is?  Think of a side-by-side refrigerator that is split in two.  Half is over there and the other half is over here; each is a Column Refrigerator.  These have roared into the market with in the past few months and are the coolest thing ever.  If you are a Hot-Trent follower this is the one to jump on.
  6. Here is some food for thought about cooking –
    1. How about a “screen” in the kitchen that you can talk with and it will give you recipes and step by step instructions?
    2. Gadgets that prevent you from burning things
    3. Gadgets that deliver the exact amount of ingredients without a measuring cup
    4. Cooking appliances that will automatically turn off.
    5. Cooking appliances that are programed to cut down on stove top fires

Back to the bathroom with a clue of what is the most sought after trending device in your home.  What is it?  Clues:  every home has one.  They are ubiquitous.  We seldom talk about them.  So, what is it and what is the sought after part of it? 

We will see you tomorrow!

I am wondering whether folks from Andover Vermont will do better than folks in Woodstock Vermont.  Or, how about all the towns in between A and W.

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