What else does the carpenter do?

Yesterday we introduced you to what the carpenter does outside, mainly install siding.  Many new homes today are using Vinyl Siding but there are numerous others, all of which can easily be installed on a Vermont Modular home.

Many times, the carpenter’s tasks will have him outside or inside depending on the weather.  Let’s face it, if it is raining that’s not a good day to be installing siding; that day might be more productively spend building stairs to the basement.

The stairs to the basement are not included with the home for several reasons.  Although most foundation walls are similar in height they are not all the same.  When building a set of stairs, it is very important to get the rise and run correct.  The run is the distance of the stair tread from front to back.  The rise is the vertical distance between the top of one tread and the top of the next tread.

The Vermont building code says that each rise can be no more than 7¾” and each tread must be at least 8¼” deep.  Many times, the rise causes a staircase to add an additional step.  The rise plus the depth of 8¼” can be difficult to build and still remain within the building code.  Every staircase is highly engineered to be 100% code compliant. 

Since we also deliver homes to The North Country of New York State it is necessary to comply with the NYS Codes.  In New York a rise can be no more than 11” with a tread being 9” deep.  As you can quickly see the requirements between two neighboring states is vastly different yet both must be met.  It all depends on where your house is going to call home.

Both states require that at the bottom of the staircase there must at a 36” space between the nose of the last tread and a wall.  So, if you are building in Grand Isle, Vermont or just over the line in Beekmantown, NY we’ve got you covered.

One of the huge advantages of a modular home is that everything is highly engineered and guaranteed to be 100% Code Compliant.

It is fairly typical for quality builders to not thoroughly understand the complexities of the building codes and will build stairs that fit and seem to work nicely regardless of the Building Code requirements.  Wouldn’t you rather have a home that is Code Compliant?

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