What happens with Winter construction?

For a couple days now, we have been talking about building a home during the winter.  Remember the photograph that shows the partially built home all covered with snow?  The blog post generated a lot of interest, it clearly showed how conventional construction during the winter months can be problematic.  Building a home in the plant in the controlled environment is much easier and without a doubt results in a much better home.

But, while your home is being built in the plant away from snow, ice, rain, and so on there are preparatory things that must be done for the house.  The most obvious is the construction of a foundation.

Take a look at today’s photograph, you are looking at:

  1. Foundation footings – at the bottom of the wall you can see the larger pieces of concrete, those are the footings that hold the weight of the entire house.
  2. Poured concrete foundation wall – sitting on top of the footings is the poured concrete wall.  Inside the wall, now buried in the concrete, are reinforcing steel rods that give the cement added strength.
  3. Basement windows – the windows are all positioned away from the front yet placed so that they will provide ventilation.
  4. Water-proofing – the worker in his Tyvek suit is spraying a water-proofing material on the concrete walls to keep the foundation dry.

There are several steps that need to be taken prior to the house arriving:

  1. Backfilling – this is where the excavator (see the machines in the background) will fill in around the foundation with dirt that has been excavated away.  This will create an “On-Grade” yard around the house and all of the Black Water-Proofing will be buried below ground and be out of sight.
  2. Pouring the basement floor – the floor inside gets poured at all different times mostly depending on the weather outside.  In the winter it is fairly common to pour the floor after the house is set.

Building in the winter is very possible but requires careful thought and planning so, if you are located in Chester Vermont or Eden, it can be done.

What are your thoughts about building in the winter?

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