What kind of siding do you want on your new home?

As you continue your dreaming of a new home, here’s a big question for you to consider.  What kind of siding would you like?  There are many types, for example:

  • Vinyl – vinyl siding is not exactly what you are thinking; it comes in numerous styles and profiles along with a myriad of color choices.  If you haven’t looked at Vinyl Siding recently you might want to take a look
  • Wood – wood siding can be cedar, hemlock, or pine.  Those are the most popular and all of the wood sidings have that traditional classic look.
  • Cement Board – often known by its manufacturer’s name, Hardie Plank.  This is siding that is manufactured using cement, sand, wood fibers, and of course water all combined to make a siding that is “cement.”
  • Shakes – shakes for siding have been popular since Colonial Days, typically made from Cedar, shakes have been a very popular siding for hundreds of years.
  • Engineered Wood – recently manufacturers have created an Engineered Wood siding that has all the look of wood while reaping the benefit of a manufactured product with a long life.

Now that you have narrowed your selection it is time to think of color.  If you choose Vinyl you will have your choice of roughly a dozen colors, whereas wood, cement board, shakes, and engineered wood will all be painted or stained one of hundreds of colors.

The advantage of vinyl is its initial cost and it is so nice to simply wash it off once every couple years, it never gets painted.  All of the other types of siding will need to be painted occasionally.  There is no good answer as to how often the house will need to be painted, there are far too many variables.  The advantage of painting is that you can easily change the color of your house.  I know every time I’ve had my house painted it is always a new color.

As you ponder siding and colors don’t forget the trim on the house.  There are corner boards, freeze boards, window trim of all sorts, pilasters and mantles around the front door, and untold numbers of other trim pieces that enhance the beauty of your home.  Look at today’s photograph; it is a good example of how colors, trim, and accessories all dress-up a home.

So whether you live West Fairlee Vermont or Westminster Vermont, you will want your new home to look beautiful.

By the way West Fairlee is in Orange County and Westminster is in Windham County.  Did you know that?  I had to look up West Fairlee.

Join in the conversation about siding, which is the best?  Which one do you like the best?

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