What should we winterize next?

Egad, we have been so busy that this blog has suffered, please accept our apology.  From now on we will diligently serve you with a daily posting on how to Winterize your Home.

Earlier today NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is saying that the chances for Northern New England to have a milder winter with near normal precipitation.  That is their long range forecast.

We will forge ahead with all of our winterizing projects.  Up to now we’ve encouraged you to:

  1. Close the basement windows to stop Cold Air Penetration
  2. Invest in a Foam Gun
  3. And we’ve had several conversations about Dense v. Thin air. 

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see a void between two modules that has been filled with spray foam.  Explanation – when the two modules are set on the foundation they are first hoisted up into position by the crane.  The modules are picked up using very heavy cables capable of supporting the weight of the modules.  After the modules are set on the foundation the cables are removed and when that happens there is a void of roughly ½” that was created by the cables.

If we were to leave that open space alone it would be a huge source of Cold Air Penetration.  Without question the very best way to seal off this space so that the house is Energy Tight is with the use of spray foam.

The void between the two pieces of lumber needs to be completely closed off and when foam is sprayed into the crevice it expands and 100% closes off the opening.  And immediately that problem is solved.

In addition to fairly large cracks as shown in today’s photograph every small opening needs to be closed off.  It may not seem like a lot, but the small cracks, crevices, and tiny openings all add up to make a significant source of Cold Air Penetration.

So, if you home is up north in Coventry or at the other end of the state in Guildhall Vermont the need to properly winterize your home is all the same.

Ok, NOAA predicts a mild winter, but it still will be cold here in the Green Mountain State and we all need to do our part.

Tomorrow we will continue the discussion about winterizing.  What do you think is the next best place to work on?

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