What is the weak link in your home?

Every well-built home has good insulation to stop Heat Loss.  Granted, Vermont Modular believes we build one of the most Energy Efficient homes available.

However, there is a “Weak Link” in every home and it is the same everywhere.  That weak link is the windows

Every well-built home in Vermont boasts on having Thermopane Windows with Low-E coating.  Put into conventional words that means a double pane window and a coating of Low-E which stands for “Low Emissivity” or a coating that tends to keep heat on the side of the glass where the heat first originated.  It is a very effective coating and it works well.

Here at Vermont Modular we do not use double pane glass or windows that are commonly referred to as thermopane windows we use only triple pane windows.  There are several advantages to using three layers of glass. 

  • First, three panes of glass offer a greater thermal barrier
  • Second, triple pane windows allow two cavities for Argon Gas to be installed thus reducing heat movement
  • Third, with three panes of glass it now allows for two Low-E films instead of only one.

Extra glass, more voids that are gas filled, and two layers of Low-E all add up to a window that performs much better!

Whether you live in Benson Vermont (Rutland County) or just up the road on Vermont Route 22-A in Bridport Vermont your triple pane windows will perform better for you saving you money as well as being environmentally better.

What do you think?  Do you prefer Triple Pane Windows?  Which is better?

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