What's going on outside?

The other day the news told of a huge winter storm throughout the mid-west causing all kinds of headaches and hick-ups for millions of people.  Well, that lovely storm is now meandering through New England and at our office here in Shelburne the snow flakes are especially large.  And, just like today’s photograph much of the snow is sticking to the branches and limbs.  Ok, so it is beautiful to look at the today’s photograph shows a “Site-Built” home during construction.

In the photograph you are looking at:

  • On the left side of the picture there are Roof Trusses on the ground and in the snow, these will be assembled on top of the exterior walls to form the roof for this home.
  • Foundation, you can’t see the foundation as it is all below ground
  • Floor Deck, the floor system for this house is obviously built and some of the framing has been built\
  • Exterior Sheathing is being installed but only on parts of the home, mainly across what looks like what will be the front.
  • Inside you can see snow on the framing lumber and the floor deck.
  • The driveway and job site are not visible as everything is covered with snow.

So……….., what do you think?  Might it be a good idea to be building your new home inside?  We want you to fully understand that if you build your new home in our factory as a modular home it will miss the snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain, hail, wind, and assorted other nastiness that goes on outside.  If you are comfortable with home construction in an controlled environment then you should give us a call.

Yes, if you live up in Enosburgh or down in Jamaica Vermont, we can help you.

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