Who is game to go swimming?

Just in case you haven’t noticed it is very very HOT and there are only a couple options out there to cope with our current record-breaking heat wave.  Things like:

  • Go to the movies where it’s air conditioned, the movie ends then it’s back outside
  • Snuggle up next to the air conditioner, this can get boring and your neighbors will wonder if you’ve succumbed to the heat or worse, lost your mind
  • Stay at work all the time in the air-conditioned office.  Work?  All the time?  Yeah no!
  • Pile in the car and head off to camp next to The Lake.  Then you can go swimming in one of Vermont’s seventeen pristine lakes.
  • Or, pile in the car and head off to camp up in the mountains next to your “pool” that might be a mountain stream or an actual swimming pool.

Regardless of your choice we are recommending a private summer vacation home just for you and your family; preferable next to the water for swimming.

In today’s photograph you see mom and her son about to go jump in the lake.  Wouldn’t you like to have that private retreat for you and your family.  You know……., it is that place where traffic, daily stress, financial concerns, and a plethora of other issues all slip away into the distant past.  At camp you are in your own world of peace and solitude; just you and your family building a life time of memories.

Here at Vermont Modular we have a lot of experience building vacation homes, give us a call.  Despite the heat and desire to go swimming, this is the perfect time to plan and build your 2018-2019 Ski House.  YES, we can have it ready for this winter’s ski season. 

In all of Vermont, which is your favorite county to locate your vacation home?  Of Vermont’s fourteen counties which one do you like the best?

Way back at the beginning, we had only two counties.  Do you know which ones?

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