Who is your Friend as you try to stop Cold Air Penetration?

Yesterday we closed basement windows, the number one culprit that allows Cold Air to Penetrate into your basement.  Hopefully all of you went down into the cellar and shut the windows last evening.  Did you?  It is ok if you’re putting this off for a weekend project.  Let’s face it, we all need weekend projects.

Today we move beyond closing windows and doors.  There are people with basement doors that exit to the outside; don’t forget these they must be tightly closed as well.  Take a good look at today’s photograph.  Do you know what it is?

Today’s photograph is of a Foam Gun that if properly taken care of will last you for many years.  This one tool is critical if you are going to be serious about stopping Cold Air Penetration.

Look at the top and you will see a circular part that is black.  This is where you screw on a can of Spray Foam.  Once the can of foam is properly installed it should not be removed from the Foam Gun until it is empty.

This Foam Gun might be your most useful tool as you winterize your home.  I realize that sounds a tad over the top but seriously, it is true.  There is a large, ok the very biggest on-line retail outlet that sells virtually everything, and they carry versions of this foam gun for less than $20 however, they also have a really good one for just under $35.  If you are confused about who I am talking about give us a call and I’ll fill you in.

Here is how it works:

  • The foam gun holds cans of foam that are specifically designed to screw on top of the gun.  The can of spray foam will be upside down as it is attached to the gun.
  • Pull the trigger and out comes foam that you carefully apply to seal up cracks, crevices, voids, and any small space where Cold Air can penetrate into your home.
  • Do NOT remove the can of foam!  As the foam is released from the gun is immediately starts to set and will clog everything inside the gun. 
  • Both the can part and the actual nozzle need to be sealed off from the air to prevent the foam from drying and ruining the foam gun.
  • This foam gun is NOT like the common cans of foam in the Big-Box stores,  once they are “opened” the entire can must be either used or thrown away.  The gun we are talking about today has a lot more foam and will stay active for a lengthy time.

Check out these foam guns on-line for reviews and analysis, it really is one of the most important tools for winterizing your home.

Have you used one?

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