Work continues in December

This morning we visited our current job site here in Chittenden County, as I took the photograph the completed foundation is behind me awaiting the arrival of a nice size Ranch Style home.

Where the photograph was taken shows the work for the driveway and of course the spectacular view in the background on a beautiful December day here in The Champlain Valley of Vermont.  Behind me as I took the picture is the foundation all done and waiting for a nice sized Ranch Style home to arrive.

Up to this point the following has been accomplished:

  • The driveway is all roughed in and good to go
  • The foundation has been poured
    • That required blasting of ledge rock so that a full foundation could be built
    • Footings were poured to support the weight of the building
    • Forms were set in place to hold the liquid concrete
    • Reinforcing steel rods were installed increasing strength
    • The concrete was pumped into the forms creating the walls
    • The forms were removed  the following day allowing the concrete to dry and set
  • Water-proofing was sprayed on the exterior of the wall
  • The concrete was allowed to dry and cure for roughly a week where upon the excavator started to backfill against the wall; this created an on-grade yard that will be finished in the spring.
  • While all this was going on sewer lines and electrical power were installed so that everything will be ready for the new home.

Building in the winter does cause a series of challenges but it is not impossible.  If you are willing to be patient and understand it can and frequently does move along nicely.

What do you think of the progress for this home?

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