Working simultaneously with the plumber is the electrician

While the plumber is connecting a seemingly crazy set of pipes the Electrician is also connecting a series of wires into a Whole House Electrical System.

There are several basic pieces of information that you will need to know about your new modular home’s electrical system.

  1. Code Compliant – every home is guaranteed to be 100% compliant with all applicable building codes.
  2. Service – the standard house electrical plan is a full 200 amp service, you must bring in from The Pole 200 amperes of electricity.  Yes, we can deviate from this either upward to a higher rated service or downward.  But, the vast majority of modular homes from Vermont Modular are 200 amp.
  3. Wiring - The entire building is wired using only coper wire and the very best outlets, switches, and circuits
  4. Lighting – the amount of lighting in your new home must”
    1. Everything must be code compliant
    2. You can easily customize your lighting scheme so that it fits your individual taste.
    3. LED lights are used virtually everywhere.  The use of LED’s has become ubiquitous.  We think this is a terrific way to conserve energy.
    4. Outdoor, the code requires that every exit door must have a light; you can also add additional lighting, maybe you want to light up the driveway or lights out on a deck.  It’s all possible!
    5. Weather proof outlets are at every exterior door so that when electricity is needed outside you will not run an extension cord under the door.
  5. Fire – virtually all of the electrical codes can easily be traced back to preventing a fire.  Electrical codes are actively trying to make your new home more safe, safe from a fire or in the case of lighting safe from falling in a dark room.

Entry Service – this will represent the electrician’s biggest task at your new home, bringing the power from the pole into your home.  We will locate the 200 amp. power panel where you want with a few exceptions that the code does not allow.

  1. Over Head or Ariel service – this is where the entry wire runs from the top of the power pole to a high point of your home, up in the air.  Some towns like Burlington allow overhead service. 
  2. Underground service – here the power lines are buried in the ground from the pole to your home.  Some towns like Charlotte require underground service.

Solar Power – of course your Modular home can easily be outfitted for solar panels.

Should you try to do the electrical connections yourself or should you hire an electrician?

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