Is your kitchen really that beautiful?

And for another day let’s stay in the kitchen looking at those really beautiful things that are available.  Just like yesterday, we are trying to add “The-WOW-Factor” to your kitchen.

Take a look at today’s photograph and let’s see what is there:

  1. More Shaker Style cabinets with that clean simple design that has become the number one favorite.  Most of these cabinets are Maple then painted one of several colors, today you are primarily looking at white.
  2. Contrasting Colors for cabinets.  Look carefully at the Island and you will see that the cabinet is a dark Toffee color to contrast with the white.  Very strikingly beautiful!
  3. Contrasting colors again – look at the upper cabinets above the stove, they are a dark wood grain cabinet, again to contrast with the white.
  4. Solid Surface counter tops, one of many different “stone” counter tops
  5. A Pot Filler faucet right next to the stove.  This is a new adaptation of something rarely seen in a residential kitchen.  We have all filled a pot of water at the sink and then slopped and spilled some all over as we go to the stove.  So, here is an awesome way to fill your pot right at the stove.
  6. Ceramic Tile right behind the stove, that is truly a spectacular idea.  Not only does it look beautiful, but it makes “clean-up” so much easier.  The options for various styles and colors are endless.
  7. Stainless Steel appliances have become all the rage and popularity.
  8. And lastly, one of my personal favorites.  Look carefully and you will see a Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker.  This type of coffee maker isn’t seen that often as they are made of glass and easily break but, some would argue this is the best coffee for that early morning rise.

See all the very cool things you can put in your kitchen.

What feature do you like the best?  Share your thoughts with everyone and join in the conversation.

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