In your new home, what kind of heat?

A couple days ago we talked about what the plumber might be doing on your new home.  One of his bigger tasks is to install a heating system.  That of course begs the question – which type of heat do you prefer?

  • Radiant Heat – the floor is warmed by warm water from a boiler that is fired by a fossil fuel.  $$$
  • Hot Water Baseboard – the home is heated by circulating hot water through a series of baseboard heating units that radiate heat via convection.  $$
  • Forced Hot Air – a fossil fuel burns in the furnace to create hot air that then is forced through ducts and warms the house.  $$
  • Wood Stove – the wood stoves are very popular throughout Vermont but, the insurance companies do not like them at all.  $
  • Pellet Stove/Boiler – a pellet stove burns manufactured pellets that are created from wood and wood scrap.  $
  • Cold Climate Heat Pump – an electric Cold Climate Heat Pump is our favorite!  The CCHP is 100% automatic and does not burn any fossil fuels.  Further, it is probably the least expensive way to heat your home!

We suggest that those of you served by Green Mountain Power call them and ask about their promotional programs for Heat Pumps.

There are two types of Heat Pumps:

  1. Ground Source Heat Pumps where the earth’s natural heat, roughly 53 degrees is used as the source of heat that is then moved into your home.  Although the Ground Source Heat Pumps are excellent they tend to be very costly.  $$$$
  2. Air Source Heat Pumps use the heat in the ambient air and moves it into your home.  These Cold Climate Heat Pumps work beautifully down to roughly -5 to -10 degrees.  When the temperature drops lower than -10 you will need a backup source of heat.  We recommend electric baseboard because you will very seldom use it and it is inexpensive to install.

When it comes to heating your home there are many options and many variables to consider.  If your home is up in the mountains of Bondville or out in the islands of Isle LaMotte  the actual location will have an impact on your choice.

What is your favorite heating source?

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