Yup, it is going to snow!

Today is July 11th and the temperatures for this afternoon are predicted to be in the mid 80’s with bright sunshine, it is a beautiful summer day here in Vermont. 

As we continue your conversation about Vacation Homes and how wonderful July in Vermont we remember commenting a couple times that “…even the skiers love this!”  Well, that is true everyone dreams of summer in Vermont but, there is another world that revolves around winter and outdoor activities.

Wouldn’t you love to have your own private Ski House near one of Vermont’s World-Class Ski areas?  Or how about a winter vacation home near the thousands of miles of Snow mobile trails?

All through the Green Mountains there are twenty major ski resorts from down south in Windham County to up north in Orleans County.  And, throughout the state there are more than 5,000 miles of awesome snowmobile trails.  Yes, you read that correctly there are five-thousand miles of trails; that’s incredible!

I checked with a buddy of mine, Google, to see how many miles it is from out office here in Shelburne all the way to Los Angeles.  It is only 2,892 miles all the way across to the other side of our big country yet right here in Vermont we have more than 5,000 miles of snowmobile trails.

On come on, wouldn’t you just love to have a winter vacation home so that you and your family can build a life time of memories?

With twenty world-class ski areas and 5,000 miles of snowmobile trails - it is easy to see why so many people come to Vermont in the winter!  Yes, we can have a home built for you whether it be in Dover Vermont or Danville or for that matter any other one of Vermont’s 237 towns, 9 cities, 5 unincorporated towns, and of course 4 gores.

How many of you out there are looking forward to winter?

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