Affordable and quality – that’s good!

The other day we talked about cheap money, or in better terms we talked about how bank interest rates are at record lows.  The cost of borrowing money, the interest you pay the bank is typically one of the largest expenses to owning your new home.  That expense is rapidly going down and that works to your advantage!

The second largest expense to building your new home are the actual modular units.  All of us here at Vermont Modular Homes are determined to put together opportunities to make your new home even more affordable!

Here is OFFER:

Effective immediately Vermont Modular will include in your new home the following and at no cost to you:

  1. Full Large Appliance Package including:
    1. Refrigerator
    2. Kitchen stove
    3. Dishwasher
    4. Washing machine
    5. Clothes dryer

We have negotiated a package deal with a local appliance provider to put together this amazing package, the five major large appliances

Our FREE appliance package is offered to any newly ordered home between today and Friday November 15, 2019. 

If you would like more information and/or details, please call us at (802) 985-5855

We are trying to put together a “New Home Package” that is affordable.  All of us work far too hard to earn a living.  Not only are you going to love your new home, but you are going to love saving some hard-earned cash.

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