Aging in Place

We all dream of finding that one person, falling in love, and spending the rest of our lives together.

Awhile back there was an elderly couple that would frequent a bagel shop and I would watch them.  He would park the car, walk around and open her door, help her as they helped each other walk to the front door and order their bagel.  It would take them the better part of a half hour from the time they first drove into the parking lot until they were seated.  Hands were held, doors opened, assistance given, smiles exchanged, and blatantly obvious loving looks exchanged.  Isn’t that a dream we all cherish?

Part of the dream is independently living in a home that is specifically updated to accommodate our dream couple.  If that is simply not feasible, we would love to offer our design assistance in creating that perfect home, it will include:

  • Wider doors – so much easier to navigate
  • Larger bathrooms that will include appropriate fixtures for those Aging In Place
  • Wider hall ways – again, easier to navigate
  • Appropriately designed kitchens with fixtures and cabinetry to fit individual wants and needs
  • Large windows to allow lots of sunlight in creating a cheerful living space
  • Floor coverings to help not contribute to falling yet while still being beautiful
  • Central air conditioning
  • Multi zone heating
  • Super Insulated homes that are energy efficient and more cost affordable
  • Generally smaller as the family has grown and now gone
  • Open Concept living for when family visits and entertaining is a joy
  • Front Porch to enjoy neighbors and just being outside
  • A breakfast nook just off the kitchen with big windows.
  • The wish list of dreams can go on forever.  What would you like?

Give us a call to start the conversation.  Designing and creating reality out of dreams is in many ways the most exciting part of the entire process.

So, call us at (802) 985-5855  We would love to hear from you.

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